Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser

There are many benefits of kegel exercises. But just as many as the benefits are the excuses we come up with to avoid pelvic floor workouts!

These excuses include the fact that doing kegels is boring and routine. And since you are exercising muscles you can’t see, it doesn’t help matters either. But it is for these reasons that the Elvie kegel exerciser was made.

This device not only makes kegels fun and engaging ensuring that you don’t have to dread doing pelvic floor exercises. The Elvie kegel trainer also guides you in the workouts thereby eliminating guesswork and making these pelvic floor exercises more effective.

Additionally, with the Elvie electronic pelvic floor exerciser you are also able to track the progress you are making.

But what exactly is the Elvie electronic trainer? In this Elvie review we will examine the digital pelvic floor exerciser in depth.

What is the Elvie Kegel Trainer?

Elvie Trainer – Award-winning kegel exerciser to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles

Fitness trackers that are designed to track your activity levels and offer some form of feedback are all the rage nowadays. It is correct to describe the Elvie kegel trainer as an exercise tracker – but one that is specifically designed for your pelvic floor!

At its most basic, the Elvie digital exerciser is a kegel device designed to offer you feedback while you perform exercises meant to tone and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. This device has multiple sensors which monitor your muscles.

To the uninitiated, instant biofeedback is important because one of the things about kegel exercises is that you are exercising muscles you can’t see. On the contrary, with an activity such as body building, for instance, it is easy to tell whether you are making progress because after some time your muscles begin to bulge. But with your pubococcygeus muscles you can’t tell progress just by looking.

This raises a lot of complications. For instance, it becomes hard to identify the correct muscles that you need to exercise and as a result you could end up doing kegels incorrectly.

However, when performing kegel exercises using the Elvie pod you are able to visualize the pubococcygeus muscles that you are clenching and releasing in real-time. This ensures that you are not squeezing the wrong muscles and thus not wasting your time and are on the right path. With instant feedback you are able to tell where you are going wrong and how to improve.

Why is this important? Studies suggest that a significant number of women who perform kegels are not exercising the correct muscles. This leads to some of them giving up these exercises because they are not ‘working’ when the real reason is that they were not performing kegels at all since they were clenching and releasing the wrong muscles, say the buttocks or the stomach!

To use the Elvie pelvic floor toner all you have to do is place it inside your lady parts and it links to an app.

With the Elvie kegel trainer workouts are arranged in sessions of five minutes. As you perform the kegel exercises you will notice movements on the screen. There are various levels set and as you make progress you move to more advanced ones.

The various levels are training (aimed at building confidence), beginner (aimed at improving basic skills and stamina), intermediate (aimed at introducing new skills as well as building stamina) and advanced (where you engage in a challenging workout consisting of both precision as well as control exercises).

As you exercise Elvie will offer you feedback via the app which you have to install on your mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Described as a personal trainer, you also get customized workouts from the app. This way you derive maximum benefits from pelvic floor exercises.

The Elvie electronic pelvic floor exerciser is made from medical grade silicone and is 100% waterproof. This pelvic floor exerciser is rubber and latex-free and is therefore safe for use by women who are allergic to latex.

Who the Elvie Toner is Designed for

  • Women who have lost vaginal elasticity after vaginal delivery and are thus trying to enhance sexual intimacy by getting the ‘tightness’ back.
  • Women who are experiencing stress urinary incontinence i.e. leaking urine when they sneeze, cough or laugh. Statistics show that one in four women aged above 18 years of age experience incontinence.
  • Women whose pelvic floor muscles have weakened with age.
  • Women who find kegels extremely boring to do and therefore need an electronic device such as the Elvie which will help keep them engaged.

Pros and Cons of the Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser

What you will Love About the Elvie Kegel Trainer

  • Measurable results – With the Elvie pelvic floor toner you avoid mindless squeezing and instead work out in a way that allows you to measure progress. That way you are able to tell what you have achieved at various levels.
  • Motivating workouts – By tracking results on the Elvie app you remain highly motivated as there is always a personal best to improve on or beat. As you progress you move to another level ensuring you remain challenged and highly motivated.
    Additionally, the Elvie kegel trainer keeps kegels fun and engaging and this ensures that you never tire of doing these exercises.
  • Ensures safe Kegel workouts – About a third of women are estimated to be doing kegels in a manner that could damage their pelvic floor. This includes pushing down, for instance, and this can lead to damage.
    The Elvie kegel pod prevents that by measuring the force and the motion and if it detects you are doing things wrong it corrects you.
  • Custom sizing – the Elvie kegel trainer comes with an extra cover which you can put on if it is too small or take out if it is too big. This ensures that it fits in snugly and comfortably.
  • Discreet to carry around – When contained in its case you cannot tell what is in it. You can thus travel with it without having to worry about potential embarrassments in case you are required to open your bags.
  • Safe – It is manufactured using medical grade silicone and you thus won’t have to worry about the device getting in contact with your skin.
  • Long battery life – the battery of this kegel trainer can last for up to a month with everyday use and you thus do not have to keep on charging.

What you may not like…

  • You need a smartphone or a tablet computer in order to take full advantage of the benefits that the Elvie kegel exerciser has to offer.

Elvie Kegel Trainer – Step-by-step User Guide

Below are the steps to follow especially if you are using the Elvie pelvic floor toner for the first time:

  1. Charge the Elvie kegel trainer fully – this is mandatory before you use it for the first time.
  2. Download the Elvie app to your mobile device be it a smart phone or tablet.
    For Android devices you will need to ensure that the version of the operating system is 4.3 and above – this is the Jelly Bean version.
    In the case of Apple smartphone, the iPhone version 4S and above will work. The Elvie pod is also compatible with iPad 3, iPad Air and iPad Mini and above.
  3. Once the app is installed ensure that you follow the on-screen instructions as this is how you will link the digital trainer with your mobile device.
  4. The Elvie kegel trainer connects to your app via Bluetooth so ensure that you enable the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device.
    To enable Bluetooth go to the settings of the mobile device you have downloaded the app to. Then open the Elvie app.
    In order to connect the trainer with the app for the first time you will be required to squeeze Elvie pod with your hand for a period of around 3 seconds.

How to Clean the Elvie Trainer

After purchasing the Elvie electronic pelvic floor exerciser, it is essential to clean it before you place it inside your lady bits. Only after cleaning should you then take it out on a spin.

To clean the Elvie pelvic floor toner warm soapy water should be used. This does not, however, mean applying soap on the trainer and then placing it in warm water. Rather, you should rub soap in your hands in the warm water to produce lather. Then you can clean the Elvie pod using the soapy water.

The reason you should avoid applying soap on the trainer is to prevent soap sticking on the sides of the kegel toner. This is important since this a device you insert inside your lady bits and you thus do not want soap residues being left inside there.

After cleaning the kegel trainer, rinse thoroughly to ensure that no soap residue is left behind. As a device which you will be inserting inside your body this is of paramount importance.

How to Charge the Elvie Toner

The case that Elvie comes in also serves as the charger. Once you purchase the Elvie trainer you will also get a Micro USB charging cable which you connect from a USB power supply to the carrying case. The Elvie kegel trainer obviously has to be inside the case when you are charging.

To charge this kegel trainer the first thing you need to do is to remove the extra cover (the one used for custom sizing) if there is one. Then place the trainer in its container before closing the case. Ensure that the end of the trainer is on top and facing the USB port.

Next, connect the Elvie’s carry case to your smartphone plug or computer or other USB power sources.
Also, ensure that the Elvie kegel exercise tracker is lying horizontally when being charged and not vertically.

To tell whether it’s charging, a light on the carrying case will turn on. When the trainer is fully charged the light will turn off.

It takes about one hour to fully charge the Elvie kegel exerciser. For average use, the trainer can last up to one month on a single charge so you don’t have to be charging it constantly.

The Elvie app will notify you when this trainer requires charging.

How to Insert the Elvie Pelvic Floor Toner

Depending on the size of your hoo-ha, you will either have to insert the Elvie kegel trainer with its cover on or without a cover. Put the cover on if you think the trainer is too small and will fall off. If you think the trainer is big enough just have it without the cover.

However, sometimes you just need to try it out in order to find out when it fits in comfortably and snugly. In this case first try out the kegel trainer when it has the optional cover on. Then try it out without the cover. By experimenting you will find out what feels comfortable for you.

Before putting the cover on the Elvie trainer, ensure that the tail of the trainer has been threaded through the tiny hole of the cover.

Now inserting the trainer should be easy. All you need to know is that the tail part of the pebble stays outside while the egg-looking part is what is inserted.

Next, insert the pebble while ensuring that the tail is outside and facing forward. Insert the pebble fully up but not too much. The best position is where when you pull the trainer downwards you encounter some slight resistance at the vaginal opening.

In the event that inserting the pebble feels uncomfortable, use a water-based lubricant to smoothen the passage.

How to Prevent the Elvie Trainer from Falling Off

While the Elvie Trainer is one of the smallest kegel trainers in the world, you can customize its size using an optional cover. This is necessary especially if it keeps falling out.

Another reason why it might be falling out is because your muscles are not toned and strengthened. But give it time and it will soon fit snugly.

Another solution if it keeps falling out especially if you are just starting out on kegel exercises is to perform pelvic floor workouts while lying on your back rather than standing. But eventually as your pelvic floor muscles get toned and strengthened, you will be able to keep the trainer in place.

How to use the Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Standing Position

The most-preferred position of using the trainer is a standing one. All you have to do is ensure that your legs are a shoulder width apart. Then make sure that your mobile device, which is already connected to the trainer, is placed in a central location – around the navel area is perfect.

Horizontal Position

Some women may not be comfortable with using the Elvie kegel trainer while standing. Fortunately there is the option of using the pelvic floor toner in a horizontal position.

When lying down ensure that your legs are apart and that the smartphone or tablet connected to the exerciser is centrally located.

You will perform these exercises just as you would ordinary kegel workouts where there is no use of a device or weight. This includes ensuring that your thighs, buttocks and stomach remain relaxed. Also, ensure that you are not holding your breath.

However, you should not worry too much as the Elvie app offers guidance as you work out. All you need to do is tap the help icon which is located at the top left corner and you will get information that will guide you.

While wearing this kegel trainer ensure that your mobile device connects easily with the Elvie pebble. You can do this by avoiding any action that obscures the tail. This includes not crossing your legs. So keep your legs open and the smartphone within the line of Elvie’s sight.

Before you begin an exercise session, you should squeeze the trainer gently. This acts as a signal alerting the toner to begin searching for the phone.

Sometimes it can take up to half a minute before it connects. In the event that the trainer disconnects in the middle of an exercise session, there should be no cause for worry as it should reconnect automatically.

But if this doesn’t happen, follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the app including squeezing the trainer for a minimum of three seconds as you try to reconnect.

How to Take Care of the Elvie Trainer and Ensure its Longevity

There are steps you can take to ensure that this trainer stays in a working condition for as long as possible.

Avoid leaving the trainer trapped under an object especially a heavy one. This will also save you time as you might spend ages looking for it!

It may sound crazy but you shouldn’t microwave the trainer for any reason whether it is to ‘sterilize’ it or to warm it! In the same breath avoid exposing the kegel toner to extreme heat or cold conditions.

Also, avoid using Elvie while in a bath. This is also for your personal safety.

Additionally, avoid taking apart the trainer. This could void your warranty.

There are cleaning methods that could destroy Elvie however, and you should avoid them. These include the following:

  • Using a washing machine to clean the trainer.
  • Using cleaning agents.
  • Using boiling water.
  • Using sterilizing agents.

Elvie App

The Elvie app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. For the iPhone (iOS) any version from iOS 7 (which is iPhone 5 and above) will work.

If your smartphone runs on the Android operating system ensure that it is at least Android v 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later. The app is available for download from Google Play Store or App Store.

The particular device you are using must support what is known as Bluetooth Low Energy.

The app is available in a variety of languages including English, French, Traditional Chinese, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Greek.

How to Ensure your Elvie Trainer Data is Safe, Secure and Confidential

During your workouts the Elvie trainer transmits data to your mobile device. This data is then sent to servers after having been encrypted. The workout data is also kept separate from your email address, name and other personally identifiable data.

By creating an account it means that your data is safe should anything happen to your mobile device as it serves as a backup. Additionally, it means your workout data can move with you to a device of your choice.

To prevent unauthorized users from viewing your workout data, ensure that you log out after using the trainer.

The usual online safety rules of never sharing passwords, not using passwords that are easy to guess, and so on also apply here.

When you Should not use the Elvie Kegel Trainer

There are instances when you should not use the Elvie pelvic floor exercise tracker. These include the following:

  • If you have recently given birth. On average you should only use this trainer six weeks after birth. But just like this is also the average period that is recommended for women to take before they resume sex, it doesn’t mean it has to be necessarily that way and there are always exceptions.
    So it would be better to find out from a medical professional. But the golden rule here is if you are allowed to have intercourse, you can use this trainer.
  • When you are suffering from a pelvic health condition such as pelvic pain, severe prolapse or there is a discharge coming out of your lady bits. Seek medical advice from a qualified professional if this is the case.
  • When your lady bits are abnormally tight and you feel pain when placing this trainer inside especially even when you are using a lubricant.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the Elvie Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker

  1. Can you share the Elvie kegel trainers with others?
    No. You shouldn’t share your pebble with anyone else for hygienic reasons.
  2. Can you use Elvie when you are pregnant?
    Yes you can. But this is only the case if there aren’t any complications you are suffering from. However, if you have any doubts you should seek medical advice from a qualified professional.
  3. How long after giving birth should I take before using Elvie?
    After delivery it is recommended that you wait at least six weeks before getting back to using the Elvie pelvic floor exerciser.
  4. Can the Elvie pod be used with an Intra Uterine Device?
    Yes. The pod is safe to use if you are using the IUD as a contraceptive device.
  5. What is the longest period you can leave the kegel trainer placed inside your lady bits?
    As long as you like but not more than one hour.

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